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Embry-Riddle Alumni Assoc. Houston
This page last updated 03/24/09
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ERAAH Volunteer Network Join Information

Please remember while the University may conduct joint volunteer events with ERAAH, ERAAH maintains its own local Volunteer Network.
Why volunteer?
ERAAH Volunteer Network is designed to help those in need. Volunteers will be given the opportunity to assist various non-profit organizations leading upto the worldwide Embry-Riddle University volunteer day.
Another important use of the ERAAH Volunteer network is to help Alumni in need. Weather it is simple home maintance to distater/hurricane recovery.

ERAAH will not intentionally share contact information with any organization, including Embry-Riddle University, without prior consent of individual.
ERAAH operates as a seperate self supportive organization from Embry-Riddle University.

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